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Due to our excellent contacts within the industry, Mid Cornwall Gardening Services can offer you a great variety of plants and bulbs for your garden. We have access to over 500 named varieties of daffodil bulbs, crocus bulbs & tulip bulbs; supplied to us by Daffodil-Bulbs.co.uk, as well as a wide selection of hedging plants too.


We can supply;


> 300 varieties of Daffodil bulbs

> 100 varieties of Crocus bulbs

> 250 varieties of Tulip bulbs


Hedging plants such as Laurel, Privet (green & golden), Buxus, English Yew, Quickthorn,  Acer Campastre (Maple Hedge), Alder, Beech and Berberis are also available to order. Click here for our hedging plant pricelist.



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