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Our hedging plants are field grown & moist root wrapped. Available during late autumn: November & December. We can supply; beech (green & purple), privet (green & golden), alder, hazel, buxus (box hedging), quickthorn, laurel, yew, acer, hornbeam and more!



Example prices (minimum order 25 plants):


100 Privet (green) 40-60cm: £135 (£1.35 ea)

200 Privet (green) 40-60cm: £250 (£1.25 ea)


100 Beech (green) 40-60cm: £150 (£1.50 ea)

200 Beech (green) 40-60cm: £275 (£1.38 ea)


100 Alder 50-80cm: £170 (£1.70 ea)

200 Alder 50-80cm: £300 (£1.50 ea)


100 Hornbeam 40-60cm: £170 (£1.70 ea)

200 Hornbeam 40-60cm: £300 (£1.50 ea)


100 Buxus Sempervirens 20-25cm: £200 (£2.00 ea)

200 Buxus Sempervirens 20-25cm: £350 (£1.75 ea)


100 Laurel 45-60cm: £250 (£2.50 ea)

100 Quickthorn 45-60cm: £150 (£1.50 ea)

100 Berberis 90-130cm: £145 (£1.45 ea)



We can quote for larger orders of up to 1000 plants too if required, and we can also offer a planting service - contact us with any special requirements or for a quotation.


Hedging Plants price-list


So what makes a good hedge..?


Well, it all depends on your requirements of course but generally; laurel (prunus rotundifolia) is a good glossy evergreen, buxus is good for topiary, berberis is an effective thorny boundary, alder is fast growing and hornbeam leaves turn a lovely yellow in autumn. Whether you require a dense, 'stockproof' hedge or something more ornamental are also factors to consider.



Will you plant them for me..?


This is something we can do certainly, although this would be at extra cost, and we would need to visit the planting site first to assess the work involved.



Can you get other plants..?


We can source thousands of different plants! From spring bulbs like crocus, daffodils, tulips, allium, hippeastrum and more, to nursery stock, fruit, over 100 types of roses, ornamental shrubs and much more! Contact us with your requirements.